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Theresa believes that yoga is practice & when approached playfully accelerates the progress along the journey of finding deep connection and mindfulness with oneself. Theresa gets much joy out of seeing her students progress along their individual journeys. Theresa came to the mat from a special education classroom in a public school setting. You can see her devotion to her students in the way she creatively themes and sequences her classes keeping in mind all levels of those coming to their mats. Her themes and sequences push people to their edge both physically and emotionally in a safe and supportive environment.
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Remote. Pristine. A little Slice of Paradise.

A tiny dot on the map of the Caribbean Sea, 43 miles off the coast of Nicaragua. Little Corn Island crystal clear turquoise sea, white sandy beaches, vibrant fringe reefs teeming with color and life. A unique island culture with smiles bigger than the night sky. And Yemaya, named for the African goddess of the sea, watching out over the sparkling Caribbean, waiting to welcome you to a very special place.

Our casual open-air thatched roof restaurant, set just above the Caribbean Sea, lets you to take in panoramic views while you drink and dine. Experience delightful service that is likely to be accompanied by stories of the Island from our thoughtful wait staff and bartenders. Perfect temperatures, remarkable views, Caribbean breezes and soft island music all set the tone for the ultimate island dining experience.




Organic fruits and vegetables from our own garden with sauces and seasonings inspired by Little Corn Island and her people’s culinary culture. Our drinks such as coconut water, fresh fruit and detox juices, smoothies and cocktails are all made fresh daily and are available throughout the day. For evening cocktails, we invite you to the full-service bar and lounge in our restaurant or you can wander down to our beach bar where you’ll likely rub elbows and swap island adventure stories with fellow travelers.

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