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Lisa holds a 200 hour RYT specializing in Hatha and additional 200 hour RYT specializing in Power Vinyasa and has been teaching yoga for over 5 years. She has deepened her knowledge by becoming a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in 2013. Lisa has a gift for making yoga classes fun, creative and well balanced. A breath focused practice creating a moving meditation in each class. Off the mat, she enjoys the outdoors, and spends time volunteering her teaching to the community so that all can be exposed to the gift of yoga. She believes that yoga provides many benefits beginning with the physical well- being, developing into a spiritual pathway for a deeper connection to self and others.
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Our award-winning partner hotel, offers a beautiful, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere featuring high quality imported sheets, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, and modern bathrooms with steaming hot showers. There is a beautiful flower garden, a Jacuzzi (weather permitting), and a rooftop deck with a 360 degree view of this ancient Incan village.

More importantly, we partner with hotels and guides who make an effort to create the type of vibe you want to experience while on a yoga retreat in an exciting foreign destination like Machu Picchu's Sacred Valley. We partner with KB Tambo hotel because their staff take a genuine interest in our guests, where we are from, any needs we have, and they are always available to give local tips and advice. They are travelers at heart, and are famous for saying, "We are just returning the hospitality that is shown to us when we travel."




This cooperative yoga retreat works between yoga instructors, local transportation companies, local farmers markets and restaurants, expert guides, and Lonely Planet's top pick hotel, KB Tambo, in the "Living Incan City" of Ollantaytambo.

The retreat allows for plenty of relaxation and yoga, while also offering an array of optional adventures, views of mountain glaciers, waterfalls, herds of llamas, and opportunities to interact with local culture–and don't forget the unlimited Incan ruins, including perhaps the most iconic ruins in the world: Machu Picchu.

This is the trip of a lifetime!

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