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Experience:Over 15 years
Emily Dozor, RYT and Curt Woolford, E-RYT have been teaching yoga in Media, Pennsylvania for over 15 years. They have co-taught many yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops. Emily’s classes incorporate classical yoga techniques of yogic postures, breath awareness and concentration while Curt's vinyasa and yin yoga classes are a special blend of mindfulness and yoga. Emily and Curt also have a love of the outdoors, including hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing. They look forward to sharing yoga with you in the beauty of the Grand Canyon!
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Havasupai Falls might just be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Mooney Falls

Extreme caution is urged when making this descent. The trail to the base of the falls winds down the shoulder of the cliff towards the west canyon wall, and is marked with a worn sign. After a few dozen feet, the trail enters a short tunnel as it continues downward. These tunnels may have been natural caves initially, but have at the least been expanded by man and steps hewn into the rocks. The tunnel emerges onto a ledge where there is a great view of Mooney Falls at about 120' from the bottom. There is a chain in place which should encourage visitors to be safe, as a fall from here would be fatal. The trail ducks into a second tunnel that emerges about 80' above the canyon floor. From there, it is a steep descent along roughhewn steps and there are chains anchored into the rock face to provide hand holds. The chains guide you down to about 15' above the ground, where there are usually two wooden ladders for you to use to traverse the final gap.


Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls is a series of cascades at the conflux of Beaver & Havasu Canyons. To get there, you must climb down to the base of mooney falls, then follow the stream for about 3 miles. The trail crosses the creek several times before reaching Beaver Falls, but is passable. There is no potable water, so you must carry enough water with you. Portable water filters are suggested for emergency use. Getting to Beaver Falls requires some work. You must first navigate the descent to the base of Mooney Falls, then trek 3 miles downstream, crossing the creek multiple times (you will get wet.) The trail is tough to follow at some points, but all that is required is to head downstream. The trail will lead to a point where there appears to be no way to go, that's when you cross the stream. At one point on a rock ledge, there is a rope hanging down (always test ropes you did not place before climbing them). Climb up this rope. It is a difficult climb of around 8 feet, but the rope is located above the water, so any fall will be lessened.

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